Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Card 2 of 2

So, here is the other card I made for my friend for her baby showers.  This one turned out soooo cute!  I made something similiar to an explosion box only with one layer and used it as a "unfolding card box".

I created a simple box using two 9"x9" sheets of cardstock (one for the base and one for the top).  You score the paper on the  both sides at 3" and 6".  You than cut the 4 corner pieces off.  Fold in and this makes the unfolding box base.  For the top I cut out a 5 1/6" inch square (this will create a top that is 3 1/6" with a 1" lip all the way around). 

I than used cute baby I had in my stash from paper pizazz I picked up at Joann's.  I cut these squares for each side at 2 1/2".   I have a ton of cute baby stickers and 3D embellishments in my stash that I decorated the inside and outside with. 

I finished it off with glueing a piece of ribbon on the bottom of the box so it would stay attached but could come up around the sides and tie into a cute bow at the top.   My friend went goofy over it and the mother to be and everyone at the shower LOVED it!

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  1. Ooooh...hadn't thought about doing a card like this...cute idea!